John Lazor Age 56

In Loving Memory of
John G. Lazor

May 4. 1951

John Lazor. age 56 passed away 11/15/07
Bellevue, Washington
From Bone Cancer Complications

The Memorial Service was on Wednesday at:

 Weeks funeral home
1810 Wells St.
Enumclaw, WA 98022
(360)825-3548  (360)825-3549 fax

 at 11:00am
On Wednesday November 21st.

David Kauppila

John Lazor was a member of ABATE of WA EPCC
John loved riding Harley Davidson Motorcycles and working on cars.
He also enjoyed dancing with the ladies.

John was my good friend, Dragoni

 Posted By Dragoni: 11/21/07


A Biker's Epitaph

So Long, Old Friend
The gypsy wind, it called your name, with no time to say good-bye
You left us here alone, old friend, to take your final ride.
This world it couldn't tame your soul, you lived your life with pride.
now you soar free like the crow, you're on your final ride.
Your memory won't fade, old friend, we'll hold you deep inside.
We'd come with you, if we only could, upon your final ride.
It's time to say so long, old friend, as you take your final ride.
We'll keep you with us in our hearts, if not riding by our side.

Ride free, Big John, Ride free




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